A third dimension
The ZION is the answer to those adventurous spirits seeking new experiences, the flight, the mountain, the journey, the thermals, the soaring, and the pleasure of speed. A new and third dimension in flight.

New experiences
The Zion is the ultimate wing for riders who desire freedom in flight, for the adventurous souls seeking new experiences.

The future is now
At Niviuk we believe that the future has arrived and we are sure that this wing will guide you in the exploration of the unknown.

The ZION is THE ultimate wing for the flyers of the future
Imagine... A wing for everything! The freedom of the mountain, the exhilarating journey, the thermals, serene soaring and discovering the real pleasure of speed and manoeuvrability. The ability to fly freely when the conditions and location make it impossible to launch with other equipment is now yours. In one wing the ZION brings to you a harmony of contrasts and a concentration of forces.

Designed for flyers who are searching for true freedom, the ZION is the result of an evolution in the modern flying world. It is the natural solution for the spirit that seeks adventure and new challenges, delivering freedom like no other wing on the market today

One wing, one soul – the freedom and art of piloting
Created for a new tribe of extreme sports athletes, from all levels and disciplines of aerial and mountain sports, for pilots and flyers from diverse areas of the flying world. The ZION attracts those drawn to a new sensation of flight, wishing to develop and expand their experience of flying, whilst allowing their body and mind to reach new and unknown limits.

The choice of descent and lift in a third dimension
The ZION offers extreme stability and precise flying. It is the ultimate wing to rapidly descend a mountain or to simply harness the freedom of the elements and soar the terrain. The ZION has created a third dimension of flight.

No other wing offers such security in its ability to remain stable whilst you fly with your heart and soul. Whether following the line of the mountain, soaring the sky or playing in proximity to the ground the ZION remains at your command.

The choice of aggressive and confident freedom which the ZION allows depends on your own piloting level and skills. The desire to express yourself in the air as in life is now possible with the ZION!

Today is the future
At NIVIUK we believe the future is here and now and we are confident that the ZION will allow you to explore the so far unknown. Available in three sizes; 15, 17 and 19 m2, the ZION will satisfy the most versatile of pilots and will broaden the horizons for those pioneering new experiences in the world of extreme sports.

ZION, fly your life, soar your soul, on the path to freedom …