A rucksack designed by paragliding specialists, to be comfortable, light and robust.

- Total volume: 195 L
- Pannier concept with central zipper and hood at the top.
- Total weight: 1.45kg

- Two zipped pockets in one. One large zipped pocket on the hood and a smaller zipped security pocket inside.
- Three “single action” straps on each side for quick and easy compression.
- Heavyweight zip to secure the main section and a large protection strap to cover the zipper whilst securing the hood.

- One third zipped pocket on the rear of the hood.
- A large window to enable glider / pilot identification.
- Large and comfortable transport handle.
- Wide and comfortable shoulder straps to relieve shoulder strain.
- Ergonomic and vented back padding to improve comfort.
- Chest strap to firmly hold shoulder straps in position.
- Wide abdominal strap with comfort mousse at the hip level.
- Specific shoulder strap adjustment allowing a comfortable carry of the rucksack at the correct level so eliminating bounce when walking.

- Complimentary shades of grey, subtle and classy.
- The careful location of every Niviuk logo is designed to accentuate the rucksack style.
- Green stitching has been used in specific places to add the unique Niviuk touch

3 fabric types:
- polyamide ripstop DN320 for all areas which may contact the ground.
- polyamide ripstop DN180 for all other weight bearing areas.
- Mesh on the shoulders-straps and back padding to improve the comfort and optimise ventilation.
- High strength plastic wear-resistant buckles.
- All stitching is doubled to improve strength and resistance to wear.
- All the logos are of high quality multipoint embroidery.