Go all the way and without limits. Fly kilometer after kilometer to wherever your imagination leads you; nothing can stop your determination and will to fly.

This is the reason why we now can deliver a compact, stable, comfortable glider with a distinctive docile nature, blessed with a high degree of passive safety.

Hike, takeoff, fly and land…You have achieved your goal!

Designed to understand pilots needs, the Artik 4 will help you discover extraordinary piloting sensations and stressless soaring in maximum comfort during extended flights.

The aim with the Artik 4 was respond to the most important requests of EN C pilots. That is why we have worked on making the handling easier and heighten the performance while keeping safety our top priority.

The first thing you will notice under the Artik 4 is the softer inflation followed by the capacity for the glider to take off serenely.

The profile has also been modified and includes the RAM Air Intake technology to keep the glider steady in any situation. Additionally, it transmits clear information to the pilot to let him focus on the pleasure of flying.

With its superb gliding even when fully accelerated, the Artik 4's efficiency could be compared to an EN D glider but yet, with the handling abilities as an EN C wing.

Piloting it is intuitive in all sense; allowing the pilot to make instant corrective decisions even in strong thermal conditions.
When pushed out, the speedbar is an efficient implement for a smooth, stable and yet strong acceleration throughout the whole travel range and hence producing an excellent sink rate as a result. The glider turns more precisely and effortlessly. Having it all under control you can then, make better decisions to truly enjoy the flight.

A whooping 8,77% in weight reduction demonstrates the effort and accomplishment made to reduce the glider inner bulk and profile resulting, more performance, enhanced safety and comfort.

The Artik 4 will cover your needs 365 days a year. Artik 4, our all around Grand Touring glider.

The legendary Artik design is now also available in a lightweight version, Artik P, derived from and based on the best assets found in the previous models. For the XC, mountain or hike&fly pilots who want to explore new routes and need lightweight compact gear.