Complete pleasure

Take off with ease, circle up in a thermal – all with a big grin on your face: this is the EPSILON 7. This exceptionally lightweight leisure intermediate, appearing in the new and distinctive ADVANCE colour scheme, represents completely fresh development – a result of the most modern technology. The EPSILON 7 will wow you with its direct and precise handling, and is deliberately directed at pilots who cannot wait to find another thermal.

The EPSILON 7 has successfully passed its certification flight tests for the 26, 28 and 30 sizes! The first dealer test wings will be ready in mid April!

It's all about weight! Low canopy mass of the EPSILON 7 is the basis of its fundamental strengths – precise handling and easy takeoff. Reduced EPSILON 7 weight results from both design and an informed choice of materials. Lightweight, superior quality fabrics significantly enhance this glider’s attractiveness.

Very precise and direct handling give the EPSILON 7 its delightful character. Low inertia and a compact (‘together’) quality are responsible for this recreational intermediate’s appeal. A New Generation profile makes the EPSILON 7 exceptionally pitch stable, keeping the pilot feeling agreeably comfortable, all the time – especially in bumpy air.

The EPSILON 7 is a fully-finished mainstream leisure intermediate - simple to manage in turbulence as well as extreme flight situations; delivering a high level of passive safety. A highly refined line concept markedly reduces drag, offering both the prospects of very good EPSILON 7 gliding performance, and a not-to-be-missed high Fun-Factor.

Prepare to enjoy yourself from mid April and book a test flight with one of our partners! More information and technical data will be on this website - soon.