PI 2

The X-Alps Gen: Sliced Diagonals
Inner quality pays off. The new diagonal ribs result in a marked reduction in line metres, and this significantly raises glide performance. Even allowing for the diagonals and a complex inner structure the PI 2 has become even lighter because the diagonal ribs are actually a series of Ripstop strips, a system that proved itself so well in the OMEGA XALPS. The weave of each Ripstop strip is exactly aligned with the local tension direction: this keeps the canopy in shape and maintains its strength for a long time.

ADVANCED Air Inlet Designs
The PI 2 has “Air Scoop” technology at its leading edge. Working with the typical ADVANCE semi-circular air intakes this combination optimises internal air pressure, so that high angles of attack can be sustained for longer. In practice this results in a significantly lowered separation (stall) point and clearly progressive brake loading. This raises the passive safety level.