Grace, stylishness and dynamism
Niviuk and Freestyle, two words together that sound like music to the ears ofacro enthusiasts. Together they offer a glider with comfort and versatility.

Developed for your progress
The F-Gravity 2 is ideal for the intermediate pilots who want to progress in acro. The new more compact wing brings energy and reliability to your flying. Thanks to its design this wing will help you to grow in the acro discipline.

A world of possibilities
Meet all the secrets of the great masters at your own. Train and practice until you dominate the technique. And if you want to go beyond, the F-Gravity 2 will fly with you wherever your imagination leads.

Welcome to the Acro Club.
Welcome to the Freestyle Sophistication.

Freestyle made by Niviuk
The new F-Gravity 2 is the perfect combination of dynamism and balance. Niviuks name guarantees you excellent behaviour in flight and the potential for great things.

The talent and the skills of Freestyle pilots constantly evolve and so has our glider in this discipline. In response to their needs and aspirations we have applied all our latest generation technology to create our second Freestyle glider, more dynamic and stable than our first Free-Gravity, a perfect combination of features where fun is guaranteed.

You know in advance that you will perfectly understand each other.

Escape from the gravity’s tyranny
What if it was Sunday every day of the week?
What if every day the weather conditions were allowing us to fly?
Everything would be easier, wouldn’t it? It wouldn’t matter anymore the day it was. There would not be schedules inflexibility; we would not depend on the weather or on time. It would always be a good day to fly.

That’s how one feels with the F-Gravity 2, capable of escaping from gravity, ready to conquer all possible ways and with the freedom to change plans anytime.

This wing’s name has never been casual. It describes our will to offer in this discipline a paraglider that defies the physics laws, that turns physics into motion. A wing that has the capacity to make all the manoeuvreswhich adapts itself to the acro pilot level answering with spontaneity and constantly in line with your possibilities.

First the emotion. Later... the understanding
With the F-Gravity 2 the pilots who seek to progress in the acro will have to their advantage the possibility of flying all the manoeuvres that they have in mind, they will discover how many small moments of joy can fit in a second. Likewise the most advanced acro pilots will enjoy the handling of the F-Gravity 2 and will be able to practise the Freestyle to the highest extent.

In terms of Freestyle the F-Gravity 2 stirs up the feelings. The fluency with which the F-Gravity 2 undertakes any manoeuvre will allow you to make from a Sat, a Misty Flip, a Molineti or a Rhythmic Sat up to an Infinity Tumbling or the latest connections of several manoeuvres like the Esfera or the Joker.

With the F-Gravity 2 you will be able to dominate all the tricks you are interested in. To understand them, to test them, to go for them once, to go for them several times until you perfect your technique. And once you master the technique the F-Gravity 2 will continue accompanying you up to where your ideas lead.

Conquer all the possible ways
Why to be satisfied just going through ways that has already been crossed by others? All the tricks that a pilot can imagine can be done.

In 20 years it is very likely that you will be more disappointed by the things that you did not do than bythe ones that you did. So push the current limits, the ones done by other pilots and let the new limits talk about you.

And above all explore.
Wherever your ideas take you, the F-Gravity 2 will carry you to your destination.

Though probably once you have flown it you may think that to fly the F-Gravity 2 you do not need to set any aim... since each flight is in itself a fascinating one.