The Wills Wing T2 is a highly refined high performance, competition class glider featuring a long list of hardware upgrades and improvements in the sail design. The result is an extraordinary combination of superb handling qualities and unsurpassed performance, built on a platform of exceptional quality.

The T2 features a robust yet light-weight carbon fiber crossbar, a cam-less, wide range VG system, and a highly rigid sprog stability system with compensating inboard sprogs.

The sail is clean and flat, with a very high percentage of double surface and extremely low twist.

Roll pressures are light and the roll rate is quick, and yet the glider is stable on tow, offers excellent directional tracking, and is easy to land. The exceptional sink rate and climb performance allow for an expansion in the upper end of the weight range, allowing a pilot in the transition range between sizes to step down a size, and pick up further enhancements in glide performance at speed.

For serious recreational and cross country pilots, or for anyone with advanced skills looking for the highest levels of flex wing performance at a surprisingly affordable price, the T2 is configurable with a long list of options, including all mylar top surface sail, special UV resistant "UVM" mylar sail material upgrade, ultra-light weight, extra stiff 12mm battens, carbon-kevlar leading edge pocket inserts, Slipstream2 or Litestream control bar downtubes, a specially designed carbon streamlined basetube or the standard aluminum streamlined basetube, and streamlined control bar basetube wheels set (aluminum basetube only).

Competition pilots seeking the ultimate in world class competition level performance are encouraged to check out the Wills Wing T2C.