EASINESS is an extremely light and very comfortable reversible harness. The one-size light harness/rucksack fits pilots of heights between 155cm – 190cm, and is best suited to Hike & Fly pilots, leisure flyers, travellers and bivouac flyers.

Getting the most out of the least
Thanks to high grade light materials and a strikingly simple concept the reversible harness weighs about 1.30 kg, with carabiners. The harness has the well-tried, two buckle, ADVANCE chest and leg strap closure system.

Optional EASINESS extras include an adjustable volume front container, and a 270g LTF approved Airbag protector and a speed system light.

The EASINESS has a wealth of those important details that will allow its pilots to enjoy their hiking and flying:
• Bungees on the back pocket to hold clothes
• Slot for Camelbak tube and attachment on shoulder strap
• Helmet holder allows for more rucksack space
• Ergonomically shaped back support and shoulder straps of breathable double-mesh material
• Wrist loops on the shoulder straps for comfortable hiking.
• Stowable side straps for additional carrying, (e.g. snowshoes, crampons, ice axe, etc.)
• Broad hip strap for perfect support and more hiking comfort
• Several additional small stowages