The EASYPACK 2 is a state-of-the-art paraglider backpack, which excels through its high carrying comfort, slender shape and outstanding design. Its trapezoid back design allows for good packing and easy closing even for bulky harnesses with foam protectors.

Ergonomically shaped
The EASYPACK 2 sits perfectly on the back due to its slender and compact shape. The adjustable hip strap with a tightening buckle each side gives the backpack the best hold-up grip, and the shaped shoulder straps spread the weight evenly on the shoulders.

Best volume distribution
The trapezoid back shape gives the EASYPACK 2 the volume where you need it, namely in the small of the back, where the main support strap is widest and thickest. An internal compression strap in the same place also allows the harness foam protector to be compressed effectively, and this works especially well with the ADVANCE SUCCESS 2+ and IMPRESS 2+ harnesses. The main zip can then easily be closed without a struggle.

Best practice packing method
Of course you can pack the EASYPACK 2 as you wish; but the trapezoid shape, which provides for more volume at the small of the back, does lend itself to an ideal packing routine. See the EASYPACK Demo Film to see how to do this.