KOUGAR (Paramotor Wing)

Take off and landing
With the Kougar both taking off and landing is possible at very low speeds, translating into the need for less forward motion to take off and softer more controlled landings. Once in the air the trimmers can be easily and accurately adjusted to achieve cruise speeds which are perhaps the fastest in its class.

Low consumption
The advanced Reflex System Profile requires less power from the engine to achieve greater thrust resulting in lower fuel consumption and higher overall engine efficiency.

Extreme stability
Speed and agility are enhanced by the high level of stability offered by the KOUGAR throughout the entire speed range and during unexpected turbulence.

The Concept
The KOUGAR PPG project was inevitable. The passion of Niviuk to create the most successful selection of gliders ever has now resulted in the birth of a new iconic PPG glider. Over time and without compromise the KOUGAR has been carefully designed and developed for the life style experienced by pilots of powered flight. At last you can now let your natural instincts rule and dare to be different. The KOUGAR from Niviuk has been specifically designed to meet every requirement and demand made by experienced pilots of powered flight. For Niviuk a paramotor wing is more than just a means to fly. We are convinced that every flight is a story to be told and like you, we do not only have the passion to fly we also live for those moments of pleasure, travel, and adventure, special moments remembered for a lifetime.

Niviuk experience
Advanced technology, many years of design experience and manufacture plus the Niviuk philosophy and passion have all been applied in the creation of the KOUGAR. A new era in PPG flight has begun.

Advanced intelligence
Combining our years of design experience and using the most innovative technology available the Reflex System Profile (RSP) was born, a new reflex profile with its own advanced intelligence. Efficient in all aspects of flight giving you exactly what you want when you need it. During acceleration the KOUGAR remains on an equal axis minimising the torsion influence from the rotational forces of the propeller. During all manoeuvres the handling and turning remain fluid and dynamic yet completely predictable and balanced throughout.

The KOUGAR project demanded a profile which would achieve PPG efficiency above all others taking powered flight forward and into the future. The new profile not only advances the understanding of aerodynamics and efficiency but also allows the reduction of surface area and the materials used.

• The SLE (Structured Leading Edge) allows easy take off even in nil wind.
• The Kougar inflates easily and immediately ensuring only short low speed runs are necessary to take off.
• Once airborne the trim system allows easy and precise adjustment to achieve cruising speeds substantially higher than the average in the PPG category.
• The trim system has easy read metric markers to allow accurate and symmetrical adjustment.
• The highly efficient Reflex System Profile (RSP) unlike conventional reflex profiles requires less power to speed ratio so significantly reducing fuel consumption.
• Equipped with a path corrector for a change of course while maintaining the same speed and glide ratio. Especially useful on longer flights.
• The new and efficient profile of the Kougar enables the wing to glide through the air mass with little resistance.
• The SLE ensures a solid leading edge in all conditions and is highly resistant to deflations.
• The STE maintains a constant airflow enhancing the efficiency of the trim system.
• A significant reduction in the total number of lines reduces parasite drag adding to the improvement of fuel consumption and optimising the thrust.
• During acceleration the KOUGAR will remain on an equal axis experiencing minimum torsion influence from the rotational forces of the propeller.
• During all manoeuvres the handling and turning remain smooth, precise and dynamic yet completely predictable and balanced throughout.
• High stability throughout the wide speed range allowing confident slow low level flights to high altitude high speed cruising.

A wing for power
The KOUGAR offers a unique opportunity to experience perfection in PPG design and efficiency. Developed for the future, applying proven technical solutions, an innovative new design and the System Reflex Profile technology, Niviuk have introduced a wing for power with leading class performance. Developed for the pilot who seeks perfection the KOUGAR brings excellence to the PPG arena. Speed, control and stability, express yourself with confidence, exceed your expectations fly the KOUGAR.