New terminology to describe the perfect combination of technology, performance, safety and pleasure in the EN C class has been introduced to the free flight thesaurus and that is ARTIK 3. Applying the Niviuk philosophy "give importance to small details" has ensured a wing with superior performance, a wing ahead of the rest. Atrik 3, the EN C wing of the future.

An icon in the EN C Category
An innovative profile developed using the very latest software and a new line plan using low resistance 3-line technology brings performance and passive safety never before seen on an EN C glider.

Intuition and efficiency
With progressive, predictable and efficient handling the Artik 3 effectively reads the air mass, seeking out and coring thermals with efficiency and ease.

Performance and safety
The Artik 3 remains agile, light and predictable in all conditions of flight and behaves impeccably during turbulence. The Artik 3, high speed with superior glide, the future of the Sport Class is here.