Full Certifacation Flight Package

Please Call +66 (0)81 8152702

This, our most popular package for the serious pilot,combines both the Para 1 and Para 2 packages below, and is designed to give you the skills and flight time needed for you to fly most of the sites around the World.

We are flexible with scheduling and can do both weekend and mid-week days as both our calendars allow.
We are unique in that we offer instruction in both Southern and Central Thailand which gives you a broader view of paragliding, various sites, and the weather conditions that go along with these areas. Which paragliding site we choose will depend on the weather and our current learning objectives.

During our time together, our goal will be to complete your SFAT (Sport Flying Asociation Thailand )Novice Flight Certification, and allow you to gain as much comfort and knowledge as possible.

You will have up to 12 sessions and/or six months in order to complete your program, fly at least 25 flights, and go through a variety of fun learning experiences.
We will provide all technical equipment required during your course, or you can take advantage of some significant discounts for purchasing your own equipment.
We will credit you 50% of this program cost toward your new glider package when you order it within the first three sessions of your training.

A paragliding tee shirt, manual, and log book are included in this package.You will need to sign up for full membership in the T.G.C.( Thailand Glider Club )in order to complete your training and gain a SFAT rating, although any specific SFAT rating will depend on the individual pilots proficiency.

We ask that you provide at least ten days notice if you need to cancel, else we may need to charge you for those day you have sigend up for.

Special rates on future instruction, domestic and international paragliding tours, and a variety of equipment may apply.

Tandem Lesson
This is a great way to experience the beauty of flight with minimal commitment on your part.
We will hook you in with one of our qualified tandem instructors for a fun-filled flight and great learning experience.
This is a great gift idea too!

Para 3 Certification Program
You may sign up and begin working on your PARA 3 any time after you receive your PARA 2 rating

Some Important Notes
Depending on the type of lesson you have signed up for, you should call our home office at +66 81 8152702 , +66 38 920016 on the morning of your lesson.

We will reconfirm the course meeting time, meeting location and if the weather will be appropriate.
If for some reason the conditions are inappropriate, we may adjust the meeting time and/or location for your course, or we may reschedule at a mutually convenient time.

Things to Bring
you should bring most of these items. They are listed in order of importance.

High Top Hiking Shoes--Good ankle supporting shoes/boots are one of the keys to getting to launch, launching, and safe landings.
Gloves--Nice to have a bit of extra warmth on those longer flights and also some protection from the lines while you are bunching up you glider.
Layered Clothing--This is the best way to dress up/down as conditions change. It is best to have long sleeves top and bottom for the flight.
Sun Hat, and Sunglasses--A must for sunny days.
Water Bottle--A well sealed water bottle is a must for your comfort.
Sack Lunch and Snacks--If conditions are good, we sometimes stay on site all day long.
You will want some form of nourishment while we are there.
Gaiters--In order to keep any unwanted weeds or dirt out of your shoes, we highly recommend gaiters.

We start out all new paragliding students at Rayong, Thailand. Our training hill is one of the best in the nation with gentle unobstructed slopes, and a road to the top. The hill provides consistent conditions for teaching our students the skills, and insights needed to become a paraglider pilot. will appreciate the concern for safety and the focus on developing paragliding fundamentals that will help provide you with a more secure future in the sport. Enjoy kiting the glider at the top of our hill with a view of the South of Thailand. Bring the family and the dog out to watch the action anytime. If the gates are open, drive up the dirt road and park in the lot on the right, or follow the road around to the left to the top of the hill.
Weekends are the best bet to guarantee some action at the hill. Spending some time watching Eagle Paragliding's instructors work with the students will give you an idea of how things work. Take a look at the map below for directions. Visiting pilots need to check in with the monitor, read over the rules, and sign park waivers before flying. We hope to see you there.